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Dr. Eric Fee, M.D., received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Harvard University and his Doctorate of Medicine from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. He completed his Family and Community Medicine Residency at Wake Forest University, Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Dr. Fee is Board Certified in Family Medicine. He also is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine at EVMS - Eastern Virginia Medical School - and an Associate Professor of Medicine at State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Chisinau, Moldova.

Dr. Fee currently practices Family Medicine at Bayview Physicians Group in Norfolk, Virginia.



Dr. Fee recommends CozyPure

"The hypo-allergenic and organic materials utilized in CozyPure products would be favorable for a variety of common medical conditions including allergies of the lungs (asthma), nose (allergic rhinitis) and skin (eczema).

Reducing dust mite exposure which is typically found in traditional mattresses and bedding materials may significantly improve allergies when replaced with CozyPure mattresses, pillows, comforters, blankets and sheets. Many patients have chemical sensitivities resulting in a variety of symptoms (eg. headaches, fatigue, itching); natural and organic materials which CozyPure uses to manufacture their sleep systems, can help reduce toxic chemical exposure.

A large percentage of the population experiences neck pain, back pain and arthritis. Sleep disturbance (eg insomnia) is often a reason for seeking medical care. The connective tissue diseases including lupus and fibromyalgia result in pain.

The CozyPure mattress which offers a durable and resilient solid natural organic latex support core for proper spinal alignment (with custom comfort layers), along with their pillows and other bedding, can help promote favorable sleep hygiene and comfort which is beneficial to one's well being. CozyPure latex beds provide great support without being excessively firm; sleeping on a mattress that's too soft and lacks support can lead to lower back pain, a common complaint from many patients.

In addition to pain, allergies and sensitivities, sleeping on a mattress that is uncomfortable can lead to restlessness with continual tossing and turning throughout the night resulting in sleep deprivation and insomnia. Deep, quality sleep is essential to our wellness, both physically and mentally. Many diseases can be contributed towards not getting proper sleep. Investing in a quality sleep system should be a priority for your health and well-being.

When you are in the market for bedding, Cheryl and her staff at CozyPure got you covered.

The hypoallergenicity of the CozyPure product line (from pillow cases to mattresses... and everything in between) coupled with the customized orthopedic support for your musculoskeletal system will result in your best night's sleep ever!

Stop by the CozyPure showroom in Norfolk, Virginia, call 800-229-7571 or shop online at"

Eric C. Fee, MD
Primary Care Physician, Board Certified


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