CozyPure Hand-Tied Wool Comforter - Best Seller!

CozyPure Hand-Tied Wool Comforter - Best Seller!

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Our CozyPure Comforter is made with lofty chemical-free 100% pure wool which we expertly hand-tuft inside a silky soft certified pure organic cotton, no synthetic blends, sateen fabric.It is designed to last for decades with proper care, our CozyPure organic wool comforter is a favorite to cuddle under every night.

Due to the natural crinkle-structure of the fleece, wool has an enormous capacity to store air. This allows your skin to breathe as you sleep surrounded by natural, dry warmth - without the clammy feeling associated with certain down and synthetic materials. This thermal insulation makes wool warm in the winter and keeps it cool in the summer. You will wake up well rested and refreshed! It's the perfect ingredient for healthy sleep.

CozyPure wool batting is the ultimate natural fiber for a comforter. In the same way that insulation keeps a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, our wool is the temperature-controlling choice for regulating body temperature. The key is moisture control. Conventional synthetic comforters are a manufactured form of plastic and they have very little ability to breathe, or to absorb moisture. While they can move moisture away from the body, they merely transfer that moisture ... creating a wet and clammy environment where dust-mites thrive and can also become unbearably cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer.

Our wool will not only "wick" moisture away from your body but because of our wool's natural breathability, it also evaporates that moisture quickly, leaving you dry and more comfortable in all types of conditions. Cool in the summer. Warm in the winter. Because it stays dry, our wool comforter is naturally Dust-Mite resistant making it the preferred choice for people who suffer from respiratory allergies.

Our exclusive CozyPure Wool is combed with extra air pockets which create a soft and fluffy loft. Spot clean and hang outside to freshen (our wool LOVES sunshine & air), or tumble dry low. For proper maintenance we recommend you protect your comforter with a duvet cover. Made in Norfolk, VA.

Crib/ Youth – 34″ W x 52″ L
Twin/ TXL – 68″ W x 86″ L
Full/ Queen – 86″ W x 86″ L
King – 100″ W x 86″ L

Twin/ TXL – Lite: 34 oz; Regular: 72 oz
Full/ Queen – Lite: 46 oz; Regular: 90 oz
King – Lite: 58 oz; Regular: 108 oz

Pure Wool Inside

Certified Organic cotton Cover

100% Organic
License number CCPB-17-TB
Certifier: CCPB Certificazione e Controllo Prodotti Biologici ltd



Cheryl talks about the benefits of sleeping with our CozyPURE Wool Comforter made with lofty pure wool tufted inside certified organic cotton sateen fabric.

Wool regulates your body temperature so you don't overheat and become clammy and sweat during sleep. It's also naturally dust-mite resistant and lowers your heart rate to its optimal level.


EcoSmart Organic Certificates