Cozy CARESS 10" Organic Mattress- with 100% Organic Latex

Cozy CARESS 10" Organic Mattress- with 100% Organic Latex

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10" Cozy Caress Organic Dunlop Latex Mattress *BEST SELLER*




Designed with sleep nutrition in mind, our most popular mattress, the Cozy Caress delivers a wonderful sleep experience with customized comfort level that's proven to be a customer favorite.

Starting with our GOLS-certified organic latex 6" core as the ever-critical support foundation, we then top it off with a 3" layer of GOLS-certified organic latex for a surface that gently cradles you in supportive comfort that you choose. The most popular configuration is Medium (not too soft and not too firm) but you can choose the firmness your prefer for each side of the mattress.

The Cozy Caress comes in your choice of Soft, Medium, or Firm organic latex 3" comfort layers. This layer lies above the 6" organic latex core for contoured cushioning that still provides optimum support. This added comfort layer is ideal for side-sleepers that need buffering from the direct firmness of the core. That's a total of nine inches of solid latex!






Comfort Adjustments 10" Cozy Caress



You can change the feel of your mattress at any time (next month, next year, or even a decade from now).
If necessary, the Cozy Plus mattress can be modified the following ways:

#1 - Add 1.5" soft sculpted layer (turning it into our 12" Embrace Mattress). This provides more progressive softness.

#2 - Buy a different 3" comfort layer (even ten years later)

#3 - For folks that want luxurious plushness, consider adding our Natural Latex LaNoodle Cuddle Top.

#4 - You can also combine the above in different configurations or interchange the layers -- call us for details.

#5 - If you should ever desire your mattress to feel firmer, simply flip it over.


Custom Dual-Side Comfort



Sleep with a partner that has a different comfort preference? With our My-Side Your-Side Dual Comfort you won't have to compromise. Simply choose the comfort you like best and your partner gets to pick what they like best too!

Our 10" and 12" models include a 3" split layer that offers customized comfort for each side of the bed. Many other manufacturers have an upcharge for this benefit, but it's included with CozyPure mattresses.

If you should ever need to change the comfort of these layers, just take advantage of our Lifetime Comfort Correction, whether it's 10 months or 10 years, we don't want you to ever have to buy another mattress again.


Mattress SPECs


Mattress Size Weight (approx.)
Twin 38 x 75 120 lb.
Twin XL 38 x 80 130 lb.
Full 54 x 75 145 lb.
Queen 60 x 80 160 lb.
King 76 x 80 200 lb.
Cal King 72 x 84 200 lb.


Note: Quilt pattern may vary from photo shown. The total inches of materials (latex plus quilting), after compression and assembly, finishing height is approximately 1 inch less than materials used. Due to natural materials, exact dimensions are impossible to guarantee, and may vary slightly.



Proper Maintenance

Mattress Support Bases - CozyPure Organic Latex Mattresses are designed to go directly on a platform slat bed frame or slat foundation. Our latex mattresses can also be used on adjustable bedframes. SHOP. LEARN.




Features and Benefits of All CozyPure Mattress







What is in a CozyPure Mattress?




Our latex mattress core is made from pure, creamy white GOLS-Certified organic latex rubber ergonomically designed to last decades and provide the support your body needs and craves.

Our latex cores and toppers are made to our specifications from 100% natural organic rubber with no synthetics or fillers using the time-tested natural Dunlop process which has proven to out-perform anything in terms of longevity and durability. Although heavy and dense, it does not have any fillers often associated with Talalay, nor does it have any chemicals or petroleum used with synthetic latex.

We work directly with our supplier located in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, known for their high-quality rubber plantations. In fact, they were the first plantation and manufacturing plant to receive the global organic latex standard certificate.



Our luxurious GOTS-Certified organic cotton fabric is featured in a stretch knit that moves with your body and the latex mattress. Tightly-woven fabrics, like twill or damask, constrict the dynamic contouring flexibility of the latex mattress. Our quilting enhances the lovely latex mattress underneath, which is the winning component in our all latex mattresses.

Our organic cotton matelasse is made with three layers of fibers (the top, the threads inside, and the bottom) which are knitted together in our exclusive pebble pique design.


ORGANIC WOOL 100% GOTS-Certified

Temperature regulating and moisture resistant, our GOTS-Certified organi wool allows moisture to wick away keeping you cool and dry in the summer and perfectly warm in the winter. Combined with our superior stretch knit certified organic cotton, our materials naturally breathe - just like you do - to resonate with your body and provide the best temperature regulation so you don't sleep hot.


Organic Cotton & Organic Wool

On the surface: We start with our signature quilting which features 100% pure wool under soft organic cotton circular stretch knit matelasse fabric. We specifically use a small amount of wool in our quilting so you can experience the orthopedic comfort of our latex yet still receive the wonderful benefits of wool, without having to worry about deep body impressions.










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